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Desert Tortoise Information

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Desert Tortoise are having a hard time these days.

Climate change, severe drought, human population explosion and ravens are all factors putting a lethal weight on the population of the ancient creature that lives most of its life underground, dormant.

There is just no food and Ravens are popular around Chiriaco Summit being an oasis in the desert where trash and scraps are often littered, instead of put into a covered trash can provided by Chiriaco. 


Over the last 13 years at Chiriaco Summit, I have witnessed several dozen tortoise interactions, while providing ecological engagements of the Chiriaco Plateau.  In the last 3 years, i have only seen 2 (spring 2023), and I also saw 2 shells of dead tortoise.  I have never seen shells or dead tortoise before on any trails or roads.

Desert Stewards Ecological Engagements provide opportunities for guests and locals of the Coachella Valley to immerse in the Tortoise Ecology, connect to the land and go slow and quiet to protect all of the creatures living in the Desert Tortoise Linkage Reserve conservation area.

Peace, light and love,

Randall James

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