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Desert Stewards

Holistic Ecological Engagement.


Why Holistic?

The intention held with every ecological engagement is unity (wholeness) and healing (wellness) through connection to Nature and Earth's Life energy field in order to help balance our own energy field vibration.  Becoming separate from the World, we gather in small groups to engage the silence.  A short hike and optional meditation is part of the destination engagement, if desired. 

The Chiriaco Plateau, is a microclimate of the Colorado Desert (part of the Sonoran Desert) about 1700 feet above sea level east of Indio and the San Andreas Fault at the top of the Mecca Hills Conservation Area, north of the Orocopia Mountains Wilderness, and south of Joshua Tree National Park. The land with the reserve area is mixed public (BLM) and private lands.  Development has been discouraged and inhibited by the CVMSHCP in cooperation with the Coahella Valley Association of Governments and County of Riverside, CA.


This protected area outlined in (Coachella Valley Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan) is prime habitat for the threatened Desert Tortoise, and threatened Big Horn Sheep, as well as the Chuckwalla lizard, including other wildlife and plant species outlined within the CVMSHCP.  This ecosystem hydrological area is called the Desert Tortoise Linkage Reserve Management Unit, because Interstate 10 and other utility roads are massive habitat bisectors for all of the desert wildlife between Joshua Tree National Park, and the Wilderness lands of the Orocopia Mountains and Mecca Hills.  Desert Stewards Provides safe and conscious observation and study of this area, to provide and maintain access for the Coachella Valley communities, Scientists and tourists visiting the Valley.

Desert Stewards offers transportation for ecological engagement and environmental studies.  We tread lightly using Low Speed Electric Vehicles, traveling 10-20 mph through established roads and approved trails stopping throughout the Plateau to observe key plant and tree species like Creosote, Smoke Tree, Palo Verde, Ironwood, Desert Lavender, Cholla Cactus, Ocotillo forests, Microphyll Woodlands, and view exposed minerals and  geologic earth forces of the San Andreas Fault Tectonics.  Wildlife may or may not be present, based on the time of day and season.  With electric vehicles October 1, 2023, we are silent and deliberate to be able to notice movement and not frighten wildlife with noise and speed. 

Desert Stewards' Ecological Engagements are not a place to "rip it up" or go faster than 20 miles per hour.  You can find other organizations that offer these exhilarating benefits, at Glamis, and Ocotillo Wells riding areas.  We offer meaningful and environmentally sensitive desert ecosystem engagement with jaw dropping views with enough excitement along the way for a feeling of fresh, safe outdoor wilderness engagement.  Please call if you have questions.  Reservations only, please call or book ahead.

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