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Desert Stewards
ATV Experience, Inc.

62450 Chiriaco Rd

Chiriaco Summit, CA 92201
Tel: (760) 861-7823


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Desert Stewards holistic ecological engagements foster conscious intention and practice of human connection with sacred and protected land, to help balance our human biofield (aura, energy body), and power up with natural Earth life force.

Engagements with Desert Stewards on the Desert Tortoise Linkage Reserve are a fresh holistic approach to "Eco Tours" and "UTV Experiences".  

Since 2008, Desert Stewards (ATV Experience) has been featuring safe, exciting ecological engagements in wilderness ecosystems of the crisp alpine Rocky Mountains of Colorado, and the resilient but parched Colorado Desert of Southern California.

Traveling between both states in summer and winter months allowed for a continuous season of touring.  During the great Covid reset, minimization mixed with simplicity and sustainability fostered the opportunity to focus all intention and power to the desert environment of the greater Coachella Valley and the Colorado Desert, professionally and personally.

We are excited to share a deeper level of ecological engagement with all who are called to be present with us.

Thank you for being curious about Desert Stewards, 

Randall James



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Randall has been an outside cat his whole life.  He is passionate about making time to immerse and be in nature. 


Whatever nature is around you, even if it is a concrete jungle, be outside with fresh air, move your body, and then take your shoes off, sit and be calm around plants and ground with Earth's Life Force.  Just be, naturally.

Randall holds:

Masters in Natural Resource Management and GIS Mapping.

BS in Forest Resources and Ecology.

Foundations of Healing Touch

Foundations of Massage and Body work, schooling in progress.

Business Owner.

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